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Best Beach Facing Hotels In The World

Beach Facing Hotels

Best Beach Facing Hotels In The World

                  While on a vacation most of desire to be at the comfort and luxury of a beautiful beach view hotel. We all want to wake up in the morning listening to the waves rush up the beach, and be extremely close to it, so close that as soon as we step out of the hotel, we enter the beautiful sand and feel the oceans breeze.

        At times we just look at the pictures online and make reservations at those hotels without confirming anything. Thus here we have the world most beautiful beach faced hotels that’ll  make every penny your spending worth it,

1) InterContinental Presidente Cozumel Resort and Spa –

Beach Facing Hotels

          The InterContinental Presidente Cozumel Resort and Spa is located on the eastern coast of Mexico. It is accessible by 45 mins ferry ride from Playa Del Carmen. It has a half mile long private beach with two pools, two bars, and four restaurants. The beach located near this resort offers its customers a chance to go scuba diving with the fishes and snorkeling. The beach is just merely 20 steps from the resort which ensures that when you wake up, the first thing you look is at the beautiful sand on the beach and the waves that are irresistible to be away from.

2) Four Seasons Resort Hualalai –

          The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai is located on the island of Hawaii. Its a two-story bungalow consisting of 234 guest rooms and suites with personal terrace. The main attraction of this resort is its fine white sand and its black lava landscapes. The suits have a personalized balcony that gives you a beautiful view of the island and its beach.

3) Nika Island Resort –

         The Nika Island Resort is located in the Maldives.  It has villas each with its own private beach for you and your family. Luxurious vegetation surrounds the villas on this island along with a stunning house reef and an enhanced around the clock house staff that’ll make you feel just like home.


4) Laucala Island Resort –

          The Laucala Island Resort is just a resort on a private island covering over 3200 acres. It has 25 villas overlooking the beach and the coconut plantation. The beaches are not crowded, thus assuring privacy to the residents. The main beauty of this resort is its gardens, and it’s infinity pool that is lit by tiki torches in the evening.

           Grace Bay is a long stretch of beach known for its beautiful blue water, and its white sand. Grace Bay is being included in this list as it comprises of various hotels along its bay. Grace Bay has many water sports activities that are privately owned by multiple hotels thus assuring private tours by the hotels personally.

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