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Best Beaches in Cebu – Cebu Beach Guide 101

Best Beaches in Cebu – Cebu Beach Guide 101

Cebu is without second thought one of the best tropical getaways where you can spend your summers. It is located in the central part of the Philippines. Even thou it is not as famous other tourist destinations in the world, Cebu is one place that will instantly make you fall in love with it.

The cebu city tour itinerary diy by Southpole Central Hotel states that beaches are the assets of Cebu. We can easily say that Cebu has some of the best beaches in Asia. As they are not that famous, there are possibilities that you might not have heard of them. But we are sure about the fact that Cebu is blessed with an amazing coastline with a lot of great beaches where you can really spend some quality time.

Bounty Beach

Hands down Bounty Beach will clinch the top spot in the list because it not best only in Cebu it is also the best in the entire Philippines. Divers from all over the world visit this beach because of the thresher shark dives. But it does not mean that you should be a diver to enjoy the awesomeness of this place. The beach is also the most preferred by the couples for the romantic vibes that it offers.

Paradise Beach

The beach is named properly because the beach is really a paradise on earth. It is located on Bantayan Island.  The area is very secluded, and there is very less crowd on this beach. If you visit the place during the offseason, there are good possibilities that you might get the entire beach for you. Even though there is really not much of an activity to do here, it is an amazing place to have fun with your loved ones.

Sumilon Island

Sumilon Island is a wonderful place to swim as the sea is really not that deep and the waves are not that strong. The aqua blue water really elevates the holiday spirits. There is also a resort where you can stay and spend some great time. The rates of resorts are very cheap. They cost only three hundred to five hundred dollars. The resorts have great accommodation; hence the quality is the last thing that you need to worry about.

Santiago Bay

Santiago Bay is definitely a picture-perfect beach. With that being said make sure to click some good picture that can be a great addition to your social media handles. There are a lot of resorts along the shore. There are both high-end resorts and low key resorts. Do not miss out to feat your eyes with the breathtaking sight of the sunset.   There are a lot of restaurants that serve delicious and fresh seafood.

Bakhaw Beach

The Bakhaw Beach is very much less crowded when compared to most f beaches in Cebu. You can rent a cottage and chill out with some good food and drinks. If you are willing to take a dip in the water, this might a suitable place as the water is very clean.

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